Qualities of a family day care which you must keep in mind

Family_Day_Care_in_Livermore_CAA family day care is a form of a day care which is set up at the owner’s home and had all the facilities which can help provide a child proper care and education. It is the cheapest form of day care since it provides a home like setting and also proper education of the kid. If you are someone who is looking for a family day care for your child then you must remember that there are certain qualities to keep in mind. The following is a list of the main qualities of a family day care in Livermore CA that you must keep in mind.

Home like environment

Kids are usually more comfortable in familiar settings and this is one thing that a family day care provides. Always look for a family day care which has comfortable setting and not something too alien for the child. Familiar environment provides child a good setting to learn.

Cleanliness and hygiene

A family day care that you are looking for must have an absolutely clean and hygienic indoors and outdoors. After all your child will be spending a great deal of time there are you must make sure that the place is not littered or unclean.

Good helpers and educators

Another quality that you must look for in a family day care is trained and experienced educators and helpers. Your child needs to be surrounded by only those who have good training and enough experience of being in this field. It is best to make sure you check the credentials of the staff before you admit your child to a day care.

Licensing and safety

The family day care that you choose must have a proper functioning license to run as well as good safety measures for the children. The family day cares which do not have a license to run can close anytime and may not be safe for kids to be admitted to.

Good reputation

Don’t ignore the fact that reputation is yet another thing that can be considered as a quality. The family day care you admit your child to must have a solid reputation, good reviews and an excellent rating.

Now that you know the main qualities of a family day care that you must look for, you can easily find one and can admit your child there. There are many good pre kindergarten in Dublin CA which also double up as family day cares. One of them is Aegis Preschool. So what are you waiting for? Admit your child to this one today.


Talking to your child’s preschool teachers: questions to ask

Family_Preschool_in_San_Ramon_CAEnrolling your child to a family preschool is not enough. Once admitted, you must monitor the progress made by your child as well. While most things your child learns would be evident to you by the way he talks, conducts himself and questions, there are certain things that his teacher would be able to inform you about better. It is important that every once in a while you get in touch with the preschool teacher and ask him about your child’s progress. The following are some areas or questions you can ask the teacher:

Ask how much progress has your child has made since the day of joining

The first thing that you must enquire about with your kid’s preschool teacher is how much progress he has made ever since he first joined. This will help you know whether your baby is learning anything or not and if yes, then at what pace. Even small steps towards learning and progress are good enough, no matter how fast other children are moving. The teacher would be able to help you understand what are the areas in which your kid needs to improve and what are the areas where he is strong.

Ask the teacher about the future curriculum plans

You must also ask the teacher about the future curriculum plans for the children. This will give you an understanding about what is to follow after the current teaching plan. This can help you prepare your kid for the same so that he grasps the concepts quickly in preschool. This will also help you know the course of action of the school and whether the school has a set routine for children’s learning.

Ask how you can help as a parent in kid’s learning and education

Another thing that you can ask the teachers of your child’s preschool is how you can contribute in their learning process. This will help you establish your best way of involvement and will give you an idea what to do at home to further develop what the child is learning at preschool. Teachers might be able to guide you on this topic nicely for the betterment of your child’s education.

Now that you know the various questions you can put up in front of your child’s preschool teachers, you are more equipped to have a conversation during parent teacher meetings and other occasions. There are many good preschools everywhere which focus on the learning & education of children including in San Ramon Dublin California (CA) and one of them is Aegis Preschool. Contact them today for admissions and other queries.