Qualities of a family day care which you must keep in mind

Family_Day_Care_in_Livermore_CAA family day care is a form of a day care which is set up at the owner’s home and had all the facilities which can help provide a child proper care and education. It is the cheapest form of day care since it provides a home like setting and also proper education of the kid. If you are someone who is looking for a family day care for your child then you must remember that there are certain qualities to keep in mind. The following is a list of the main qualities of a family day care in Livermore CA that you must keep in mind.

Home like environment

Kids are usually more comfortable in familiar settings and this is one thing that a family day care provides. Always look for a family day care which has comfortable setting and not something too alien for the child. Familiar environment provides child a good setting to learn.

Cleanliness and hygiene

A family day care that you are looking for must have an absolutely clean and hygienic indoors and outdoors. After all your child will be spending a great deal of time there are you must make sure that the place is not littered or unclean.

Good helpers and educators

Another quality that you must look for in a family day care is trained and experienced educators and helpers. Your child needs to be surrounded by only those who have good training and enough experience of being in this field. It is best to make sure you check the credentials of the staff before you admit your child to a day care.

Licensing and safety

The family day care that you choose must have a proper functioning license to run as well as good safety measures for the children. The family day cares which do not have a license to run can close anytime and may not be safe for kids to be admitted to.

Good reputation

Don’t ignore the fact that reputation is yet another thing that can be considered as a quality. The family day care you admit your child to must have a solid reputation, good reviews and an excellent rating.

Now that you know the main qualities of a family day care that you must look for, you can easily find one and can admit your child there. There are many good pre kindergarten in Dublin CA which also double up as family day cares. One of them is Aegis Preschool. So what are you waiting for? Admit your child to this one today.


5 signs of an excellent daycare facility

dublin-daycare-schoolWhen it comes to choosing a daycare facility for your child, anyone can be left really confused. Not only is this a matter of your child’s initial days of learning but also trust that the child will remain safe and out of any kind of danger. With so many daycare facilities out there, making a choice can be really tough. But worry not since we have brought for you a list of the 5 important signs that mark an excellent daycare school or facility:

1.    Good reputation

The first sign to look for when choosing a preschool or daycare is good reputation. You can check the reviews and overall reputation of the various centers you are interested in online and find out which has got the maximum positive feedback. Word of mouth plays a big role and hence you can also enquire and ask other parents about the daycare they sent their child to and what they thought of it.

2.    Should have solid ground rules

You don’t want to admit your child to a daycare school or center which has no respect for rules and doesn’t have established ground rules.  While it is important to facilities to be flexible about certain things like the pickup and drop off timings but at the same time it must be clear on operational timings and ways to handle emergencies etc.

3.    A solid curriculum

Most daycare centers are basically preschools in certain ways since they provide most knowledge and basic skills to children at an early age. Thus always look for one which has a solid and stimulating curriculum.  This must include activity time, learning time, quiet time and time for meals and group programs. When children are involved in a range of activities, it stimulates their mind much more.

4.    Caring and qualified staff

The staff just cannot be ignored when choosing a daycare center for your child. Each staff member must not only be qualified for the job but also caring and loving.  They must be well prepared, enthusiastic and positive. The staff must also be responsible and should be adept with child caring techniques.

5.    Healthy food

Another sign of an excellent daycare center is healthy food. Since these facilities provide meals to kids, the meals offered must be of good standard and should be healthy in their composition.  The dishes and food must be clean and hygienic and the facility must discourage excessive sweets and junk items.

Now that you know the basic qualities of a good day care center with high school curriculum, you too look for one easily. You can log on to Aegis Preschool to find information on one of the good centers in Dublin, California.